WHMIS for Employer


What are the main parts of WHMIS?

The main components of WHMIS are hazard identification and product classification, labelling, material safety data sheets, and worker training and education.

Why was WHMIS created?

It was created in response to the Canadian workers’ right to know about the safety and health hazards that may be associated with the materials or chemicals they use at work. Exposure to hazardous materials can cause or contribute to many serious health effects such as effects on the nervous system, kidney or lung damage, sterility, cancer, burns and rashes. Some hazardous materials are safety hazards and can cause fires or explosions. WHMIS was created to help stop the injuries, illnesses, deaths, medical costs, and fires caused by hazardous materials.

How was WHMIS developed?

WHMIS was developed by a tripartite steering committee with representatives from government, industry and labour to ensure that the best interests of everyone were considered.

What are the duties under WHMIS?

Suppliers, employers and workers all have specified responsibilities in the Hazardous Products Act.

Suppliers: Canadian suppliers are those who sell or import products. When this product is considered a “controlled product” according to the WHMIS legislation, a supplier must label the product or container, and they must provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS) to their customers. The purpose of the labels is to clearly identify the contents of the hazardous material, and the MSDS is to explain what those hazards are.

Employers: Employers are required to establish education and training programs for workers exposed to hazardous products in the workplace. Employers must also make sure that the products are labelled and that an MSDS is present for each product and that they are readily available to workers.

Workers: Workers are required to participate in the training programs and to use this information to help them work safely with hazardous materials. They may also inform employers when labels on containers have been accidentally removed or if the label is no longer readable.

What are controlled products?

Controlled products is the name given to products, materials, and substances that are regulated by WHMIS legislation. All controlled products fall into one or more of six WHMIS classes.

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