Prolonged CPR can save lives: Study

QMI Agency


CPR demonstration on a dummy

Continuing to perform CPR longer than previously thought useful can save lives, a new study shows.

Conventional thinking holds that performing CPR is useless after 20 minutes, but researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found this isn’t the case.

They looked at the hospital records of 3,419 children in Canada and the U.S. and found that more children than expected survived after having prolonged CPR, which is defined as lasting longer than 35 minutes. More than 60% of the children who survived prolonged CPR had good neurologic outcomes, the study found.

The findings of the pediatric study parallel the findings of a prolonged CPR study of adults that was published in October.

“These findings about the duration of CPR are game-changing, and we hope these results will rapidly affect hospital practice,” study author Robert A. Berg said in a release.




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