New Brunswick Workplace First Aid Kit




New Brunswick Workplace First Aid Kit NB001N $79.93





Kit Included:

One Black Paramed
One Plastic Tweezers
One 12 Assorted Safety Pins
Two Conform gauze bandage 4″
Two Elastic Wrap Band. 3″
Twelve Antiseptic Wipes
Two Non Adherent 2 x 3
Tow Non Adherent 3 x 4
Two 1 x 5 Cloth Tape
Six Triangular Bandage
Twelve 3/4 x 3 Plastic Adhesive Bandage
Six Sugar Packet (1)
One Hydrogen Peroxide 100 ml
One Silver Rescue Blanket
Twelve Hand Cleansing Towelettes (1)
One 3″ Cotton Applicators (12)
Six Vinyl Glove medium – PF (1 PR)
Five Gauze Pads 3″ x 3″
Four Gauze Pads 4″ x 4″
Three Gauze Pads 2 x 2
Four Pressure Bandage 4″
One FAC Accident Record Book
One FAC Quick Guide
Six 8×10 Trauma Dressing
One P.E.G. Lotion
Three Emesis Bag 9 x 12
Four Burn dressing 4×4 Jelonet
One CPR Mask with One Way Valve
One Large Flat bag Red


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