Lifesaving day

By Andrew Bottrell

The Beegee’s hit single “Stayin’ Alive” could literally save a life. That’s what those who attended the hands-only CPR training learned at the North Platte Recreation Center on Saturday.

The hit single from the 1970s is the perfect rhythm for hands-only CPR, which can help keep someone alive in an emergency situation until EMTs arrive on scene.

“It’s ironic,” said Chuck Johnson, who took the class Saturday. “The beat, which is 103 beats per minute, is perfect. I was a firefighter for 21 years. I thought [the class] would be a good chance to relearn some of it.”

CPR Megaday, in conjunction with the American Red Cross and National Heart Month, taught people the hands-only technique, which does not require a full CPR training session to learn. Lifeguards at the Rec Center, who are fully trained in CPR, helped teach the half-hour classes on Saturday.

“It excludes any of the breathing technique,” said instructor Josh Payne. “Its just compression. Anybody can do it, it’s quick, and will still save lives.”

Payne and fellow lifeguard Nick Wilkinson taught class members that if they saw someone in distress, to assess the scene and assess the victim to see if they are breathing or unconscious, first. The next step is to call 911, or find someone nearby who can, and then you can begin chest compressions.

Organizer Trudy Merritt said this is the first hands-only CPR training the Rec Center has hosted. She said they hope to administer the classes at least every February, but could also possibly do more throughout the year.




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