South Brunswick First Responders Save Choking Woman

By Davy James

A 58-year-old Kendall Park woman was saved by the combined efforts of South Brunswick Police and the Kendall Park First Aid Squad after she choked on a piece of food.

South Brunswick’s first responders were able to save a Kendall Park woman from choking to death last weekend.

At 7 p.m. Saturday, the 58-year-old victim was eating dinner with her husband when she began to choke on a piece of food. The victim’s husband attempted to help her, but soon realized she was unable to breath so he dialed 911, according to police.

Within three minutes of the call, Officer Mike Leung arrived to find the woman unconscious and turning blue on the floor, police said. Leung began using the Heimlich Maneuver to try and dislodge the food from the victim’s airway.

Leung was soon joined by Officer Jesse Blake, Sgt. Frank Lombardo, and EMT Christine Kelly, whose combined efforts resulted in dislodging the food from the woman’s airway. She began breathing and was able to talk to EMS and police as she was being placed into the ambulance before being transported to University Hospital at Princeton.

“If it wasn’t for the officers and the young woman I wouldn’t be here, I am so grateful,” the victim said via press release.

The victim said she recalled eating dinner before she blacked out.

“The next thing I can remember is the young lady next to me and I was on the floor,” she said.

South Brunswick Chief Raymond Hayducka credited the fast response from police officers and the Kendall Park First Aid Squad for saving the woman’s life.

“An officer was on scene in three minutes, additional officers and EMS arrived within another five minutes,” Hayducka said via release. “They took quick actions to avoid tragedy. In emergencies, seconds count. These personnel were in the right place and did an outstanding job.”




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