Allerject the newest emergency treatment of serious allergic reaction with Epinephrine

By Allerject™

Introducing Allerject™

Allerject™ should be used immediately to treat yourself or your child when experiencing a severe allergic reaction. This is emergency treatment. It does not replace seeing a doctor or going to the hospital. After injection, seek immediate medical attention.

Allerject™ contains epinephrine, which is the medication used for the treatment of anaphylaxis.

Some of the ways it works include:

Relaxes the muscles in your airways so you can breathe more easily
Helps to reverse the rapid and dangerous decrease in blood pressure

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Allerject™ voice-assisted auto-injectors are indicated for the emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions in patients who are determined to be at increased risk for anaphylaxis. It is important that you seek immediate medical assistance or go to the emergency room immediately after using Allerject™. Following treatment, the patient must stay within close proximity to a hospital or where they can call 911 for the next 48 hours. To ensure Allerject™ is right for you, always read and follow the label.

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